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JBS Bookkeeping ServicesIts all within the systemAttention to DetailLet us helpCollaboration for your success!Experience is the key!
JBS Bookkeeping Services
the leading force in supportive, innovative and professional Bookkeeping Services.
Its all within the system
A systemised, user-friendly approach to bookkeeping focused on accuracy and compliance
Attention to Detail
Accurate, reliable reporting assists you in making important business decisions
Let us help
Free yourself - less time doing bookkeeping means more time running your business
Collaboration for your success!
JBS collaborates with your trusted key advisers to give you the best financial result
Experience is the key!
Providing quality, reliable accounts solutions for the legal industry for over 30 years


JBS has been servicing an extensive range of organisations throughout Brisbane since 1998.

Bookkeeping is our passion – we understand the pivotal support role we play in your business management strategy. That’s why we create innovative and complete accounts solutions for our clients – not just data entry and compliance. Whether you need a virtual accounts department, or just some training to get you started in your new business, we can create a solution that works for your business, your staff and your lifestyle. We also take the time to connect with your key external advisors, like your Accountant and Financial Advisor, to help you get the best outcome for your financial management. And the ATO? Let us talk to them for you too.

JBS Bookkeeping Services is proud to be a member of the Australian Bookkeepers Network and the Association of Taxation & Management Accountants. JBS is also a recognised MYOB Professional Partner, Xero Partner and Reckon Professional Partner (Reckon). Our Legal Accounts Team holds membership with several legal industry groups, including the Queensland Law Society and the Australian Law Practice Management Association.

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